Julia Ferguson: Chief Executive


Hi I'm Julia. I've been with Gateway since 2003 and feel privileged that I have been part of its growth over the years. It is amazing to be able to be part of something that brings warmth and happiness to so many lives. 

Sharyn Castelow: Day Service Manager

Hi I am Sharyn and I joined Gateway in 2008 where I worked in personal support with individual members. I am very proud of our service and our amazing members who thrive and blossom. Every day is different and enjoyable. We have our challenges but mostly lots of fun.

Jo Robinson: Development Manager

Hi, I'm Jo and I have worked at Gateway since 2008 and in 2017 I joined the team full time. I love working with such fantastic people and am honoured to work with the most amazing individuals, knowing that we have made such a difference to their lives.

Gabby Keaveny: Administrator

Clare Woodley: Assistant Administrator


Support Staff

We currently employ about 25 support staff who work in our Day Service, Individual Support and our Social Groups. Our team are extremely skilled and are dedicated to making sure our members reach their full potential. Gateway staff are committed to providing opportunities which our members have identified as being important to them and we aim to match the skills of our staff to individual needs and areas of specialist interest.


The Charity is governed by a Board of Trustees which includes at least 50% who are Charity beneficiaries. 

Chair: Rosemary Theobalds

Eleanor Gallagher

Caroline Harris

John Herbet

David McNally

Peter Ninnim

Timothy Raine

Joyce Winder