November 24th 2020

We are just starting to use the Gateway garden and have lots of exciting plans.


Tim has been visiting the garden and going on walks through the woods and down to the river. Tim enjoys working with wood and we will need bird boxes, bug hotels, a log store and some planters. We will also need a little incinerator to burn the leftover bits of wood. We are thinking one of the sheds might be a great wood working area.

Another member has started as a volunteer. He has weeded under the roses and planted around 40 small daffodil bulbs. He has also planted 50 Alliums which will have lovely big purple flowers next spring. He has collected seed from some of the garden flowers and sown it in the greenhouse where we also have some sweet pea plants growing. He has also started pruning back the large currant bushes on the back wall of the garden.

We have lots of ideas for the garden, but as more and more Gateway members start to visit the garden we will come up with lots more - it will all be here on the Gateway garden blog!