Dec 1st

It was cold and frosty today but the sun was shining so it was a perfect day to be working in the garden.

Tim and Julia have started clearing a path for a woodland walk which Gateway members will be able to enjoy. They brought some of the wood they cleared back to the garden. We could use some of it to build insect hotels. We could also dry some of it and use it for a bonfire.

We now have 2 recycled washing machine drums which have been made into incinerators so that we can enjoy fires safely. We want to re-use and recycle as much as we can in the Gateway garden and the old washing machine drums look great too.

Our volunteer has been cutting down some of the bushes in the garden that are a bit too big. This will make it much easier to walk round the garden and will also give us more space for growing flowers next year. He has also started cutting down the old tree behind the greenhouse. It's quite a large tree so it will take a few weeks to finish the job. He used a hand saw to do this. It was a great way to stay warm on such a frosty day.