Monday March 1st


There are a lot of exciting things going on in the garden this week! 

Our volunteer is busy painting the new fence with preservative, starting with the area where the hens will live. He has been coming to the garden on his free days to work on it which we all really appreciate. Pete is making 6 raised planters to grow vegetables and has finished the new floor in the big shed. Tim is busy clearing the woodland and having bonfires, and the woodland walk is full of snowdrops. He's been cutting back small branches with hand clippers, and taking larger branches off with a saw. 

Tim was painting the big shed with a darker shade of preservative, and is doing a fantastic job. We now need to buy another tin so he can finish the job!

The tulips and alliums we planted are growing well, and we have lots of snowdrops and Hellebores in flower 🌸

The time when we can invite many more members to the garden is getting closer. We have lots of plants growing in Eleanor's greenhouse - and in the garden we saw the first bees on the Hellebores. It really feels as though Spring is here 🌺