Tuesday 26th January 2021

It has been a busy morning on the Farm. We have cleared a large area where we hope to have our Hen House in the near future.                 

Today Tim was working hard in the woodland, cutting back overgrown trees and bushes, and taking away rubbish. There is quite a clear path now-all ready for Spring walks. Some snowdrops have appeared, so we know it is going to look better and better each week. 

Our volunteer has been working very hard with Ridley to clear a space for the chicken run. We have been very lucky because Pete found a chicken house that someone was throwing out. We got it for free, and now it is in Pete's workshop having a few small repairs. It will soon be ready to use. 

We finished our day with a huge bonfire, thinking about all the fun we will have once things are back to normal and many more Gateway members can enjoy Gateway into Nature.