Dec 15th

This is our last week in the Gateway garden before we close down for the Christmas break, so we were really pleased that the sun was shining.

Tim and Julia were working down by the small stream in the wood again, clearing away more of the dead branches and weeds. They are making good progress, and we will all be enjoying some lovely walks there next year. Tim had a well earned cup of tea in the big garden shed afterwards, before he went back to the Den.

Dean was hard at work taking down some more of the old tree and fence. We will soon have a new fence, and then we will be able to think about getting some hens. Dean suggested we consider some rescue hens from an egg farm which sounds like a really interesting idea.

The garden is at Tom A's farm, and his dad, Ridley, brought us a huge pile of manure today, which is fantastic. We will put that on the soil over the next few weeks in the vegetable area

Sharyn had spotted the Council were giving away free trees, and today we collected our selection, which will be planted tomorrow. We can't wait to find out which varieties we have been given.

We have so many exciting things to look forward to in the Gateway garden next year, especially once we can welcome more Gateway members there. See you all in 2021!