About Us

about usGateway into the Community is based in Hexham but works with people who have learning disabilities throughout West Northumberland. At present, most of our activities are concentrated around Hexham and Prudhoe, but we are keen to extend opportunities to all who live in West Northumberland and are looking for ways to support more people in the area.

We help our members to know what activities and courses are taking place in their communities and we work with other organisations to ensure that the inclusion of people with a learning disability is mutually enjoyable and beneficial. Experience has shown us that most people with learning disabilities value the opportunity to build up their social skills and self-esteem in a safe, supportive environment, before they are sufficiently confident to access mainstream activities. We provide that environment within our ‘groups’.

about usWe have members from a wide age range starting with young people in their teens whom we see through the transition into adulthood and extending to people who are enjoying retirement, away from the hustle and bustle of their earlier lives. Many members are looking for an opportunity to spend time with friends of all ages at our social groups.

Some of our members live at home, some live in the community and some live in residential care. Some of our members never talk, some of our members never stop talking. Some of our members need a lot of support, some members go on to provide support to others.

We are passionate about the impact of our work and take pride in knowing that we are making a difference. Members have told us that being part of Gateway into the Community has changed their lives. Please find out more about the impact of our work by reading our members’ stories.